Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blogging Funk

OK, I am totally a blogging loser lately. I can't get out of this funk that I am in! We went up to Coeur d'Alene for Thanksgiving against my will. It was Marcus' idea and I couldn't get him to change his mind. We hung out with family and shopped. That is about the extent of activities that happened. The kids did great on the terribly long drive too! I have to take Kingston to the Doctor right now, but I will post pictures later today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful for friends

I am oh so thankful for Mandi and Cheryl. My two very best friends from the 2 years we were in Rathdrum. I miss you everyday!

Jalyn and Marissa are two of my best friends from high school. Everytime we see eachother we pick up right where we left off. I love you both!

I am thankful that my husband loves my friends just as much as I do. We alway have so much fun together being silly. I love and miss all my friends that I cannot be close to!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rachel and Brian's wedding

Here are some pictures I took at my sister Rachel's wedding. It was on August 29th so I am a little behind on my blogging.

The cake. Nana made it and did an amazing job!!

After they are husband and wife. Outside the Spokane Temple.

All the rest of these are pretty self explanatory.

OK this one isn't self explanatory. I bet not many of you knew Marcus was a princess! haha

Jayda (Rachel's daughter) trying to pry them apart. She did this on her own! haha

So there are a few pictures that I think turned out pretty well. Shelby I wish we could have flown you up to take pictures!! That is one thing we are definitely doing for our kids weddings, professional photographers!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kingston's summer wasn't so happy..........

These first two pictures should be at the end, but I couldn't move them down for some reason.

Was at Grama Kathy's house and busted my chin open on a chair.
Had to be put in a papoose to make sure I help still while the stitching took place.
Sat in the fridge on hot days.

Cut the back of my head open from playing on the couches. They stapled these ones.


Ate lots of ice cream.

And sunflower seeds off the ground! YUM!

Was silly with Emmett.

Gave Emmett loves.

Wore a Little Mermaid swim diaper while sitting in a princess chair.

Saw some bunnies at the pet store

Fed the goats.

Made friends with the cat.

Had a conversation with Chi-Chi.

Shot at some birds.

Snuck food out of the cooler while I though nobody was looking.

Cheesed for the camera.

Tooted in the tub and thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Ran some errands.

Wore every ones shoes but my own.

Road the scooter.

Got ready to play some baseball. Don't mind the bras in the background! haha oops!

Ate breakfast NOT at the table!!

Threw a lot of dirt with my cousin.

Got dirty.

Discussed with Matthew how hot the fire was. He fell in the coals once while we were camping.

Ate some sauces.

Rinsed the sand out of my bum.

Threw some sand.

Screamed and ran from the waves.

Want a cookie?

Got surfing lessons.

Bounced on inter tubes.

Climbed up dirt hills.

And fell down dirt hills.

Got trapped in the packed car.

Got messier.

Played with cousin Mason.

Gave Emmett kisses.

Pushed the stroller.

Pushed Grace in the stroller.

Pushed the pooch in the stroller.
OK, So Kingston's summer wasn't that bad. He just had a few accidents which are to be expected from him. I hope you all enjoyed the recap on the kids summer!!